Community Outreach

The Mission Statement at the Swarthmore Co-Op is:

Providing healthy, delicious foods our customers can trust

We believe in promoting healthy living; helping people make informed food choices; supporting organic and locally grown or produced products.

Celebrating community and diversity

We believe the Co-op should be a warm, welcoming marketplace, creating opportunities for people to make connections.

Being a vital partner in the town center, founding our business practices on accountability, honesty and transparency

We believe in valuing our partner/employees; empowering them to be good stewards of our Co-op and its resources; striving to provide them with a living wage and benefits.

To us, part of this means to reach out into the community and give a helping hand when we can.

This month, the Co-Op employees will be participating in helping the initiative.  To read more about Philabundance, please visit the link above.  There is also information on the home page of our website.

We have also decided to help promote the Weaver’s Way Bike tour:

Weavers Way Urban Farm Bike Tour – July 23

  • Interested in urban farms, food co-ops, bike riding and sustainability?  Then, the Weavers Way Urban Farm Bike Tour on July 23, Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm, would be just the thing for you. The Bike Tour includes a great bike ride through Philadelphia’s unique and vibrant neighborhoods; visiting several urban farms in Mt. Airy, Roxborough, Germantown, Kensington, South Philly, North Philly, and West Philly; inspiring talks with Philadelphia’s pioneering urban farmers; and an incredible feast of grilled foods and beer at the end.
  • There are two riding options with SAG support: 25 miles (for beginners without as much bike riding experience or who prefer a shorter ride) or 35 miles (for more experienced riders who can manage a longer ride at a bit faster.
  • Ride starts and ends at Weavers Way Co-op’s Mort Brooks Farm in E. Mt. Airy, 1011 E. Washington Lane, Phila, PA 19138)
  • Cost: $30 day of ride; discounts for pre-registration.  All proceeds benefit Weavers Way Community Programs’ Farm Education.

Finally, this month we have decided to begin donating bags to Interim House:

  • The name of the place Finely a Knitting Party donates yarn to is Interim House.  It is on W. Upsal Street in Phila.  They have a knitting therapy program and the community of women who Knit at Finely a Knitting Party donate yarns and needles to the ladies.
  • If you Google:  you can get a look at the program.

We will be donating bags to them every couple of months, as their representative comes to the Co-Op to collect them.

If there is another outreach program that you believe can gain assistance through the work of our Co-Op employees, please contact our General Manager, Marc BrownGold:

Any additional questions about this blog, please contact our Art Director, Anthony Saufley:

Thank you for supporting the Co-Op,



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