Back to School Lunches Event

Healthy (& Stress-Free) Packed School Lunches

Join us for a fun, hands-on workshop at the Co-op where Karen Shore (MPH candidate, mother of 3 elementary schoolers, and veteran lunch packer) will cover topics related to packing delicious and healthy school lunches and snacks from home, including:

  • Packed Lunch 101 – What you need to know and how to make it painless
  • Containers – Lessons learned, tricks, and must-haves
  • Beverages (and water bottles, and how not to have a lunchbox filled with old milk)
  • Quick lunches – What to pack when you’re short on time
  • Using leftovers – How to make the most of what’s around (and plan meals to contribute to lunches)
  • Veggies rule – Why lunch has to have at least 1 serving and how to make it appealing
  • Special lunches – What to pack on test days, field trips, and more
  • Ages & stages – How the packed lunch may evolve as your child grows
  • Snacks – a.k.a. life beyond Goldfish and pretzels
  • Cost savers – Cost-cutting ideas will be discussed throughout.

Thursday, August 25th, from 7:30-8:45pm – outside, weather permitting.  $10 for non-members; $5 for members.


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