Employee of the Month August 2011

Katy Hanson:

Some of you may know her as Katherine, most know her as Katy and some may know her as the girl with the elephant backpack!

Katy is our August employee of the month and the Co-op has been graced with her presence seasonally for the past 4 years.  Katy started out as a rock star cashier but has most recently taken up many positions such as: The produce dept. “Go-to-girl”, Sunday dishwasher and store cleaner, cashiering when needed and is now officially a solid fixture in the produce department year round.

More fun facts about Katy:  Katy is currently a junior at Temple University majoring in social work and minoring in geography and urban studies.  Katy has one sister and her favorite color is teal.  On her down time Katy finds enjoyment in knitting and is a self-proclaimed foodie and craft beer nut.

If you see this Katy girl around the Co-op please be sure to congratulate her on her stellar efforts at making the Co-op a better place to shop and work.

Thank you Katy!


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