The Co-op Presents our Partnership with Winter Sun Farms CSA

What are you eating this winter?
Winter Sun Farms Greater Philadelphia offers a 5-month regional frozen vegetable and fruit winter CSA subscription during the months of December – April; available in two sizes. Produce is procured from small/medium sized sustainable farms, is picked at the height of the season and frozen within hours of harvest in a near-by plant, using state-of-the-art freezing technology, ensuring maximum flavor and nutrition in every package. All vegetables and fruit are washed, snipped, peeled, cored, chopped and diced before freezing, making them an easy and convenient choice.  The business has operated successfully in NY’s Hudson Valley for the last five years and WSFGP are now committed to bringing the concept to the Greater Philadelphia region.  Sara and Adam attended the recent Swarthmore Co-op Member Appreciation Day and received significant interest.

Early bird discounts available until October 15.  The once monthly Winter CSA distribution will be held at the co-op.

Contact Sara and Adam on (267)584-7351 or with any questions.

WSFGP Registration Flyer


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