African Market Baskets are coming back!

With the holidays just around the corner, African Market Baskets are making their way back to the Co-op.

These handmade baskets are from a company called African Market Baskets, which in 2009, formed a non-profit organization in Ghana called Every Basket Helps.

In addition to paying above going rates for the baskets up front, African Market Baskets also donates 10% of it’s profits each year to Every Basket Helps.

One hundred percent of the proceeds donated to Every Basket Helps, goes toward projects such as building a community weaving center, which serves three villages, in addition to donating school supplies for children in 3 villages, which enabled them to attend school.

In 2010 Every Basket Helps partnered with the Ministry of Health in Ghana to provide health care to 1,000 villagers.  Ghana has a national health care system and Every Basket Helps is paying the registration fees for the 1,000 villagers so they may all enjoy free health care for the year.

In addition to all the great things African Market Baskets stand for, they also make great re-useable shopping baskets, gifts and gift baskets!  If you are interested in having the Co-op make your next gift basket with an African Market basket, let  us know!


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