Pop-up at the Co-op

On November 20th, 2011, the Swarthmore Co-op will be hosting its first Pop-up restaurant.  Beginning at 7pm that evening, an intimate dining experience of several courses – using local, sustainable, and organic products sold at the Co-op – will showcase the talents of Frank Mosca and Lex Rozin.

Frank Mosca and Lex Rozin have brought multi-course, fine dining experiences to friends in Swarthmore at the Swarthmore Community Center,  La Cucina in the Reading Terminal Market and in private homes. Their cooking is creative, seasonal, and surprising, blurring the lines between cuisines and drawing inspiration from Vietnamese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Japanese, and French amongst many others.  They use the most modern techniques, including cooking en sous vide and “molecular gastronomy,” as well as the most ancient ones, such as smoking, curing, and pickling.  Above all, they seek to create delicious experiences that emphasize seasonal ingredients presented in novel and interesting ways.

Please join us for this unique and delicious experience.  Cost per plate is $75, BYOB.  Payment can be made using PayPal or Google Checkout.

Click here for Reservations


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