Hello All,
Due to many requests, we have fresh oysters coming Wednesday, most likely Ninigrets, from MA. There are still a few Chesapeake Selects and Standards for stuffing use.
mike ryan

Hello All,
The response to the Dennis (MA) oysters last week was very positive and I agree, they were some of the best I’ve ever had. This week we have a limited number of Fire River(NB) and a full bag of Glidden Point (Maine). This is a first time for the Gliddens and they are quite meaty, very happy with them.
I have a small Striped Bass(8lb) line caught, Montauk, NY that is very fresh as is a hook and line Cod from the Gulf of Maine. We have a small Halibut coming today as well, from far North Atlantic. Scallops (U10/20) have been very nice.

There have been orders for Chesapeake Standards and Selects (by the pint) for oyster stuffing. I would recommend reserving these, as they will sell out by Wed. As always, Thanks for your support!
Happy Thanksgiving!
mike ryan

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