Knife Works: Coming for Members’ Appreciation Day

What We Do
We sharpen, fix, rent/exchange, and sell knives, scissors, and other miscellaneous items
to restaurants and other businesses as well as to individual households.
Our truck is equipped to sharpen on site. Clients from all across the country are now shipping their knives to us for our Sharpening-by-Mail service. We offer quick and convenient sharpening service to those who ship to us.

At your door service! Our trucks includes state of the art equipment and a large selection of cutlery to suit every chef’s needs. Our equipment allows us to sharpen quickly, removing the least amount of metal from the blade. This provides a sharper, durable edge at the correct angle. So we can come to you or you can ship your knives to us for sharpening

We specialize in providing to all of our customers the highest quality scheduled services to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, private clubs, seafood stores and any other facility with cafeterias or food service.

This company also services retail venues such as flea markets, butcher shops and grocery stores on weekly and monthly basis.

Knife Works, LLC is a mobile knife sharpening company that services you. Prompt, courteous customer service guaranteed! We are just a phone call away from your front door!

Call us if you have any questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Who We Are
We are chefs who have worked our way from the dish room through culinary training at
The Culinary Institute of America on to manage restaurants from Las Vegas to Miami Beach
and of course the Bucks County and Philadelphia region.

Throughout our careers we honed our sharpening skills and have now made it our new profession.
Our goal is to provide our specialized sharpening service to all who need it, personal and business.


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