Oysters and the C-Food Club

Hello All,
Oysters for today include Orleans (MA), again from Cape Cod, same neighborhood as Chatham and Dennis, which were great recently, and Fin de la Baie, from our friends in New Brunswick.
My friend Jody Feigenbaum will be at the store today for Member Appreciation Day from 10am-12pm. Her family owns and harvests Fire River, Little Shemogue, and Fin de la Baie and she will donate 100 bivalves I get to open, free samples! She loves to talk oysters, so please ask questions! When was the last time you got to meet an oyster farmer?
Also, some pristine Striped Bass from Maryland, hook and line caught, very nice. We have two whole Loch Duart Salmon, farmed in Scotland, organic, very nice (this is the best Salmon available on the wholesale market right now- served at French Laundry, CA). And Halibut, farmed from Norway, is fetching looks as the whole fish stare at you with…that face.
Thanks for your support.

mike ryan


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