Introducing the Swarthmore Co-op Employee Council…..

In September 2011 a group of Co-op employees thought it would be a good idea to come together to create a formal council dedicated to educating themselves on their work environment and local community. Hence the Co-op Employee Council emerged.

The main purpose of the employee council is to act as a voice for the people working at the Co-op by bringing to light any issues, concerns, or ideas they may have, as well as opening up communications between employees, managers and customers alike.

Being that the employee council works with all three groups: other employees, managers and customers, the council are at an advantage to make positive changes at the Co-op, both internally and within the community.

Getting employees involved in their own future at the Co-op will help motivate them, maintain morale and a sense of purpose among all departments. As this council grows and matures, their responsibility for their own voice will too.

Employee Council Main Goals:
• Open up communication and understanding between managers, employees and customers
• Work one-on-one with employees that have difficulty getting to know the Co-op and what we do everyday
• Educate new and current employees about our own and other Farmers’ Cooperatives across the country and the pond (Atlantic Ocean)
• Educate customers about Co-ops!
• Make the Co-op a great, fun and relaxed place to work

To date the employee council has donated their time at Philabundance, sponsored a food drive right before Thanksgiving, (which collected over 150lbs of food), has visited Blue Moon Acres and Herban Farms, has sponsored The Village Education Project (a program hosted by Swarthmore College students), has decorated the Co-op for Christmas, has donated to the Strathhaven basketball team and will be participating in the Swarthmore Luminaria project which gives it’s proceeds to the ABC Organization…and that’s only the beginning.

Check back soon to see what else the Employee Council has gotten its hands into, they have many fun community projects and events planned in the very near future!


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