Free Date Night Dinner – Enter Through Art

It’s not too often that you receive a free dinner in the comfort of your own home with an expert chef cooking you an exquisite meal from scratch.  Well, that’s just what this is:

The Swarthmore Co-op is hosting a contest to win a free “Date Night Dinner” where expert chef and Co-op General Manager, Marc BrownGold, comes to the winner’s house and cooks a fabulous dinner for two in the comfort of their own home.  Using local and sustainable produce, meats and flavorings from the Co-op, you’re guaranteed one of the most natural and delicious meals of your life.

But, the contest entry is no easy pass! Do you think we just auction off Marc’s talent for free?  No way…

In order to enter, you need to submit a piece of art.  That’s right, we want art as your entry fee.  It can be a short poem, haiku, drawing, small painting, photo…anything that’s artistic.   So, harness your inner Dickinson, Whitman, Monet, Picasso,… and submit your entry to the cashiers at the Co-op checkout counter.

The contest begins Friday, February 3 and ends Thursday, February 9.   The winner will be judged on artistic creativity and be decided by vote from five Swarthmore Co-op managers.  The winner be contacted on Friday, February 10, and will be offered their Date Night Dinner that Saturday or Sunday, February 11th or 12th…a dinner that’s just in time Valentine’s Day.

So have fun, be creative, and enjoy.



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