Date Night Winner

One week ago we announced a “Date Night” contest calling for art as an entry to win a free dinner-for-two with chef and Co-op GM, Marc BrownGold, in the comfort of your own home. When we announced this contest we didn’t quite know what to expect in terms of entries and participation…

Today, one week later and the close of the contest, we received tremendous participation through many quality submissions of art.  We were truly touched and deeply moved by the paintings, drawings, poems, pictures, and music that were submitted.

Further, each submission was personal – recounting a treasured time, memory, image, or feeling that was made into art.

Feeling overwhelmed by the pure beauty, honesty, and love each piece of art inspired, we knew we didn’t have a chance of adequately or accurately picking just one ‘best’ piece.

So, though a difficult decision, we decided to put each submission into a random drawing where everyone had a fair chance of winning the “Date Night” dinner.  We appreciated each and every entry and just couldn’t merit only one ‘best’ submission.

With that said, a ‘winner’ was chosen randomly out of a hat today by Co-op GM, Marc BrownGold, and that person is…(drum roll please)… Ed K…    Congratulations to Ed!

While Ed has already been contacted for his free “Date Night”, we thank everyone who submitted an entry.  They were inspiring and beautiful pieces that we were honored to have experienced.

Lastly, we have many personal pieces; some submissions may be the only copy in existence…for those who desire to receive their submission back, please email &, call 610-543-9301, or just stop in and ask for your piece – we’re happy to oblige.

Thanks again to all, and we look forward to running another contest like this in the future.

p.s. – Look for our video when we visit Ed’s home to cook his Date Night meal.


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