Beer & Cheese the Swarthmore Co-op Way

Beer & Cheese never tasted so good or were enjoyed in such pleasant company. 

The Swarthmore Co-op’s Beer and Cheese Tasting event last night was an absolute hit!  The Co-op was packed to the brim with 55 community members who sought to enjoy the exquisite local cheeses and beers that were offered.

Led by local beer expert and professor at Swarthmore College, Hansjakob Werlen, attendees received generous portions of Calkins Cheeses such as Noble Road, Cowtipper, Daisy, and others.  Complemented by brews from Dock Street Brewery, Yards Brewing Co., and Victory Brewing Co., a beer and cheese enthusiast couldn’t ask for more.

A special thanks goes out to Calkin’s Creamery, Yards, Dock Street Brewery, and Victory Brewing Company for their contributions.

View our post-event YouTube video and our Flickr channel for some great event photos.

This was truly beer & cheese done right and we look forward to doing it again soon!  To see more upcoming Co-op events visit our Events Page.



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