The Co-op goes BYOB!

In January the Co-op rolled out their Nine Ideas Program.  Each Month Marc will be selecting the best idea proposed by a Co-op employee that supports one of the following nine ideas:

  1. Be Distinctive – How can we set ourselves apart from the other grocery stores in this area?
  2. Update the Store – Which areas can we expand or revamp to make better?
  3. Capitalize on Publicity – What/How can we highlight to draw our customer’s focus to that area?
  4. Create Personalized Relationships with Local Producers – Who can we visit, what can we do to increase the relationship with our local vendors and producers?
  5. Support Other Local Businesses – What businesses can we support to increase our community connections?
  6. Build Strength in Numbers – How can we build a collective local brand and engage the public through education and a unified voice?
  7. Get to Know your Shoppers – How can we be better at cultivating our personal relationships with our customers and members?
  8. Participate in Local Organizations – What local clubs and interests can we support that will show our customers we care about what they care about?
  9. Make Pricing Competitive – How can we change or be sure we are active in changing the perception that our prices are too high?


Get the idea of the program?   With only two months in we have gotten an amazing amount of submission from our employees.  Marc has the tough job of picking which idea is the best and most practical for the store.  This past month (February) he selected an excellent idea submitted by Amanda Hunter.  Amanda suggested that the Co-op have a bag credit  to encourage members to remember to bring their usable bags.  Now, if you notice at the bottom of your receipt from the Co-op there is a reminder that the Co-op is now BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag).  So next time you go shopping make sure to bring your bags and you will receive a five cent bag credit per bag!   Check the blog in the next few weeks to see March’s Nine Idea winner, it’s going to be a good one!


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