Basil SOS: Part II

If only there was one solution to my basil plant problem!

To reiterate, I posted a few weeks ago regarding garden slugs attacking my precious basil plants. To keep slugs from munching on the leaves, I poured salt around the base of the pot and placed hair on the soil near the roots of the basil. While I saw a bit of an improvement, I had a feeling  slugs weren’t the only culprit. After more research, I found aphids, caterpillars, grasshoppers, worms, beetles, and pretty much any four-legged insect can be attracted to the sweet smell of basil.

Now, I’m looking for one organic solution to deter all possible pests. My first step is to examine basil leaves throughly for any signs of a pest (holes, insect droppings, etc.) By disturbing the plant a few times a day, one gardener said her basil plants became hole-free for the rest of the season. Next, I need to find an organic (well, hopefully, organic) pesticide. A few say household items can be used together to deter any pests, such as garlic and pepper. Some solutions can be found here. Another gardener said to use Neem, an organic pesticide available for purchase in gardening stores. However, as we all are beginning to notice, sometimes when a product is labeled “organic” it doesn’t really mean organic.

If these options don’t work, I’m afraid I’ll have to move my sun-loving basil inside… but, let’s hope that’s not the case!

Let me know if you have any success with these ideas or if you have any ideas of your own!


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