Time Travel Back to 1937

This October, the Co-op will celebrate it’s 75th Anniversary. As we plan & prep for the big bash, we reminisce back to the year of 1937…

… when this was the original Co-op store front,

… when “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Benny Goodman was at the top of the charts,
… when gas was 10 cents a gallon, (oh, how we wish this was still true!!)
… when radio was at its prime,
… when iPhones, texting, social media, and email didn’t exist,
… and when baggy pants and mini skirts weren’t seen in anyone’s closet.
How times have changed since 1937! Sometimes we think for the bad, but most of the time, we think for the good!! It’s easy to lust for the life of simplicity 1937 seems to project. A life before the constant rings and bings of cell phones, a life before eating on the go became the norm, a life before kids were glued to the TV, a life before feeling like you can’t slow down. But then again, it’s hard (at least for me) to really picture living the 30’s lifestyle, a life before the all the progress and advantages we’ve made in the past 75 years.
Although at times we project ourselves further and further into the future, it seems as if we always know when to bring ourselves back to reality. When high fructose corn syrup became the first ingredient listed for baked goods, we baked it fresh. When produce was sprayed with all kinds of toxins, we bought it organic. When cows, chickens, and pigs were bullied, we fought back.
So, in the end, we all know our world will always be changing. But, we also know that when things are good, they seem to stay that way, even for as long as 75 years.


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