Discovering New Products for the Co-op

Back in May, Marc (Co-op GM) and Marci (Grocery Manager) went to Orlando, to a food show for Haddon House, then in June, Jess (Bread & Cheese Manager), Marc, Anthony (Marketing Director), John (Assistant Grocery Manager) and Marci went to Washington, DC for the Fancy Food Show.  At food shows, there are multitudes of vendors and producers vying for the attention of store managers, owners and distributors. To state that it can be information overload is to do it an injustice.  The fact is, you must know what you are looking for, know what you have and know what your store “is” and what you want your store to “be”.

One thing that we were looking for was a really, REALLY great pickle.  We found tons of good pickles.  Unfortunately, they just didn’t fit the bill…until on the journey to find a wandering colleague we happened upon the Brooklyn Brine Company.  They were not distributing in our area when we approached them, but after some brainstorming (and a request to one of our favorite distributors) we figured out a way to get them into the Co-op.

You can’t really try to establish any true meal times at these extravaganzas.  Everywhere you turn, someone else is holding out their hand to give you a sample of their product.  It’s through this jungle of food that you occasionally take a sample and it just hits you…’Wow, that was delicious.’  Often times you are already at the next booth before you realize it.  Then, the natural flow carries you away and they are lost.  Momentarily, lost.  You can’t stop thinking about the product; you want someone else to try it, too; you want to bring it to the store and have people ‘discover’ it as well.

After placing the orders for some of these other products, we are starting to receive them, slowly but surely.  When you look on the shelves of the Co-op and see a new product, a box you’ve never noticed before, a sign telling you to ‘try our new ______’, remember how it got there.  We tried it, we liked it and we hope you do, too.

Some of the new products:  Aux Delice Des Bois Grilling Butters (white truffle, black truffle & smoky bbq), Wymans Frozen Berries (all natural, flash frozen), and Funni Bonz BBQ Sauce (from New Jersey).


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