Introducing The New SwaCoop Deli

In the last 70 years—a tiny blip in the history of farming—cruel, unsustainable factory farms have come to produce more than 99 percent of the animals grown in the United States. Globally, livestock now cover 30 percent of the earth’s surface, and as a result of modern fishing techniques, scientists are measuring an overall drop in the health and diversity of ocean life. During this same period, these new farming methods have devastated rural communities by reducing the number of farmers in the nation by 85 percent—even as the U.S. population more than doubled. Given this scale, it is no surprise that the choices we make when we eat and produce food have a bigger impact on animal suffering, global warming, and other major environmental concerns than anything else we do.” – Jonathan Safran Foer, Farm Forward

I met and learned about Applegate Farms through their Public Relations Director, Gina Asodegan, who is also a close friend and was a frequent visitor to my restaurant in Bucks County. I met Steve O’Donnell, the founder of the company, recently thereafter and fully support the company and its mission. You can read the story of the company here.

The deli at the Co-op has come a long way in the time that I have been at the Co-op and I believe that the new team ,led by Ed Rojewski and chef Brendan Dougherty, will move this part of our Co-op in an exciting new direction. One of the most interesting things that we will do in the deli is to feature products that are sustainably raised with no hormones, antibiotics and wheat gluten. A project that started with our meat going in that direction, will soon be evident in the choices that our customers can make in the deli area.


It is a goal of mine to one day offer only deli products that NEVER USE ANY: fillers, antibiotics, growth hormones, added nitrites or nitrates, artificial ingredients or preservatives, or animal by-products. Please join me in giving this forward thinking company a taste. The food movement has always added a quality element to its resume and I think you will find that Applegate is no exception. Start a conversation about this with Ed , Brendan, or one of our deli clerks and enjoy the next phase of what the Co-op will bring to you.



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