Santa Ynez Olive Oil

The Swarthmore Co-op’s Specialty Department is bringing in some awesome new items. The latest items are two varieties of bulk olive oil, coming from Santa Ynez in California.Image

Your first choice is an Italian blend extra virgin olive oil. This extra virgin olive oil is made in Santa Ynez from olives harvested from a seven-acre orchard in the nearby small town of Ballard. The orchard, which is traditionally farmed, is on a plateau at an elevation of a few hundred feet. Temperatures typically range from the 80’s in early summer to the high 90’s during late summer and fall. Evenings are typically quite cool, frequently layered with morning fog. The taste is a subtle and buttery with classic but relatively mild Tuscan flavors. The oil is made of Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, and Maurino olives.


The second variety is an Organic Mission extra virgin olive oil. This oil is also made in Santa Ynez from olives harvested approximately twenty miles north of Santa Barbara, on the coastal slopes immediately above the ocean. This traditionally farmed orchard (of almost six thousand trees!) has a southern orientation and experiences mild temperatures year round due to its proximity to the ocean. The trees are arrayed across elevations ranging from 100′ to 1,000′.  The oil is fresh and aromatic, with notes of grass and roasted nut. It is mouth-watering, yet, elegant with a medium pungency.

Try some today- we think you will love it!  500 ml refillable bottles are on sale for $11.99, refills are $10.99.



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