Road Trip to Brooklyn

On October 24th, Jess and I took a road trip to Brooklyn, New York to visit the Brooklyn Brine Company while picking up pickles for the Co-op.


A very friendly, small staff works in a small production area with pallets and pallets of pickles ready to be shipped or picked up. It is amazing what they can do with such a small place! The whole warehouse smells of delicious brine, as did our ride home with a jeep full of 50 cases of pickles (but I wasn’t complaining). Walk-up customers are also welcome and can purchase pickles by using the sidewalk entrance. While in Brooklyn, we stopped in the Park Slope Co-op – what an amazing store! Because Park Slope is members only, you have to have a special visitors pass just to get in. A member was kind enough to take us on a tour of the whole place – the downstairs, upstairs and sales floor.
There was so much hustle and bustle for a Wednesday, I could only imagine a Saturday or Sunday in their store. With nine out of eleven registers running in the middle of the week, the lines weren’t as long as I would have suspected for the amount of people shopping. At the end of our tour, the produce buyer suggested we visit a pizza place about a half block away. Considering I have never had “real” pizza, we had to go try it out.  It was delicious!  I can’t wait for our next road trip to get more pickles and try yet another pizza place.

Make sure you stop in the Co-op and try one of our 10 varieties of Brooklyn Brine pickled vegetables.

– Marci


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