NEW! Co-op Certified Deli

With the start of our new Co-op Certified program, our deli has adopted Applegate deli meats and cheeses as our own. Why, you ask? We believe Applegate deli meats, and all their products for that matter, are products that support food responsibility and healthy eating.


Stephen McDonnell, CEO of Applegate Farms, founded Applegate because of his “love/hate” relationship with meat. Like many others in America, Stephen is an avid meat lover, but he is disgusted by the treatment and livelihood of the animals. Hence, Applegate Organic and Natural Meats.

Picture 4 Applegate is (and has been for 25 years) dedicated to supporting 300 small, organic and natural farms. Their meats (even their hotdogs!) are free of nitrates, antibiotics, hormones, artificial ingredients, and fillers. Cows, chickens, pigs, and turkeys have access to fresh air and sunshine as well as fresh feed and water. Breakfast, lunch, dinner (and Sunday brunch) includes:

Natural Pork, Chicken, & Turkey – Corn, soy, vitamins and minerals

Natural Beef – Grain (for example, barley, wheat, oats or corn) and silage (such as chopped hay, straw or chopped corn plant)

Organic Pork, Chicken, & Turkey – Organic corn, organic soy, vitamins and minerals

Organic Beef – 100% Grass-Fed


Picture 7

How does all this affect you? First off, your sandwich is going to taste much, much better. Meat sans hormones and antibiotics really does affect the flavor, and of course quality, of the meat. Because the quality is better than conventional products, our deli sandwiches are also healthier and beneficial for your health.

ApplegateLunch at our deli won’t make you feel tired or sick. Instead, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Finally, you are supporting your local economy! All of our new Co-op Certified deli products come from small farms and farmers who actually care about you and your health, not the dollar signs.


Our Co-op Certified Deli is:

certified humanly raised

nitrate free

never given steriods

cheese that is rGBH-free


never given antibiotics


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