From Swarthmore To Texas

On Sunday, I received a letter from a former Swarthmore Co-op employee, Dori. She recently left the Co-op to intern with Utility Research Garden in Texas. While it’s always sad to see an employee leave the (swa)coop, I always love to hear how he or she is doing and what he or she is up to.

Hey Marc,

Just emailing you with an update on my farm experience!  I am interning at the Utility Research Garden in Jones Creek on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  So far weather has been extremely warm and I am loving it (except for the mosquitos!).  I live in an air stream trailer with 2 other interns and work alongside 5 migrant workers from Honduras.  By the time I leave here I may be fluent in Spanish!  
Every day I wake up at sunrise ready for a new learning experience.  So far I have had the opportunity to do greenhouse work, plant, weed, tend chickens, make and spread compost tea among other things. I am also in the process of updating the farms promotional materials and building a CSA community in Jones Creek!  On Saturdays I go to the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market in Houston and help with setup/breakdown and running the market.  The owner even lets me drive the giant flatbed farm truck…you should see the stares that I get when driving that enormous thing!
Hope all is well!
Check out these pictures Dori sent us below!

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