The Making of the Chef’s Table

Since I started here in August, there are very few things I miss about running a restaurant. But, that being said, something I truly miss is event planning – from menu design and pricing to decorations and execution.

When I started here, I found out there would be events that I could help out with – this caught my attention! I was ecstatic when I was asked to sit in on the planning of the Chef’s Table (happening on January 26th). I never heard of “pop-up restaurants” in a non-restaurant setting and I thought this was an incredible idea. First, I had a meeting with Marc (the GM), Brendan (the Chef), and Anthony (Marketing Director) to discuss the execution of this dinner – I was put in charge of the rentals and table décor. At first, I was a bit overwhelmed. Since I was always planning in a restaurant setting, we always had all the necessary supplies in house, unlike here, at the Co-op.  Marc definitely guided me through this process, and in the end, renting all the supplies we needed was no biggie.

After the rentals were situated came the planning of the table décor. Because the Chef’s table is in January, I wanted to have a wintery theme. I also wanted to have a simple but elegant décor, taking away from the chaos of the store and to coincide with the menu. I had to fight all three guys about black tablecloths, but in the end I won. I’m hoping they look good on the day of the event or I’ll probably hear about it forever!

the supplies

Next, I needed to figure out the table decorations. Lately, I have been obsessed with Pinterest. I remembered seeing these cute waterless snow globes made out of mason jars and I thought how great this would be!  After stumbling through pages of “pins,” I came across wine glass snow globes. Now, I thought this was truly perfect! After spending some time shopping around to find the best wine glasses, I went to two different craft stores for supplies. I have to say, craft people are crazy right after Christmas – I felt like I was going to be run over in the aisles of Michaels! It was kind of invigorating though, giving me more inspiration for my snow globes.

Once I had all my materials, I tried to piece together the first wine glass snow globe… no bueno.  I realized I needed a few different things, so back to Michaels I went! I could get caught in there for hours just imagining all the crafty stuff I could make. in the process...

Take two came out perfect. I was so excited until I realized I had 15 more to make. I sat in the office and thought, “what did I get myself into?!” I was a bit overwhelmed… and to top things off, the boys were kind of chuckling, asking if I regret getting myself into this. That was it – I was determined to make all 15 more with grace! I don’t know how graceful I looked hot gluing and spray-painting, but at that point, all that mattered was the finished product! A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders when I finished my last snow globe. final product!

Now, the anticipation is killing me… I can’t wait until January 26th to see the execution of the Chef’s Table and to see if my vision comes to life as it did in my head. And, of course, I’m dying to see Brendan’s food plated. Hopefully I’ll get a little taste too!

To register for the Chef’s Table, click here.



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