Finding Montreal In Swarthmore

Have you been reading our blog lately? Let me catch you up to speed…

I recently traveled to Montreal and fell in love. The people, the food, everything is absolutely beautiful – definitely a city everyone should enjoy. But, since I’ve been back, I’ve been trying to figure out how to incorporate the Montreal culture I love into my daily routine. The best way, I decided, is through food!

It’s easy to find Montreal-inspired cuisine at the Co-op, you just have to look beneath the surface. Here, let me help you…

Goat cheese seemed like a big deal to people in Montreal. And rightfully so! It’s delicious! Try some Pipe Dreams goat cheese or dabble in some of Amy’s homemade goat cheese spreads. In Montreal, goat cheese is often served on crackers on in salads.


Mustard also seems quite trendy in Montreal, served everywhere with everything. Try Stonewall Kitchen’s Maine Maple Champagne Mustard. It’s a little sweet but it goes well in salad dressings, with salmon, and pretzels.

Dominion Square Tavern is place to be inspired by. While we don’t sell alcohol in store (PA liquor laws are quite strict), we do sell some great cocktail mixes, or what the young ones refer to as “mixers.” Fix yourself a speak easy inspired drink using Powell & Mahoney or Stirrings. Hot Toddy’s and dirty martinis – sounds fancy!

Just like Marche Jean Talone, we have a boatload of local produce. Right now we have lots of greens, radishes, and asparagus. In about two weeks, Ed says the first blueberries will be in.

If you’re looking for quality seafood, look no further. We just introduced our Co-op Certified Seafood program. The seafood department carries everything from salmon filets to monster size scallops and oysters. Poach some salmon or make coquilles St-Jacques, gratinéed scallops, to get that real Montreal feel.

Last but not least is Shwartz’s smoked meat sandwich. While we don’t offer “smoked meat” at our deli, we do sell pastrami (which is essentially the same thing, but don’t Montreal that)! Pack some on rye bread, layer it with mustard, add a side of Brooklyn Brine pickles, and voila!

Montreal Shopping List:

  1. Amy’s homemade goat cheese spreads
  2. Stonewall Kitchen’s Maine Maple Champagne Mustard
  3. Powell & Mahoney or Stirrings cocktail mix
  4. Local produce – greens, radishes, asparagus
  5. Salmon filet
  6. Scallops
  7. Co-op Deli pastrami
  8. Brooklyn Brine pickles

Hillary Wickline, marketing coordinator. 


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