How Far Is Local?

How far is local really? It’s word that everyone uses, but seems to have multiple definitions depending on who you are talking to and in what circumstance. Many grocery stores and retail outlets say 300 miles, others may even say further.

To put that into perspective, 300 miles from Philadelphia just about reaches Boston. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that Boston is “around the corner” from Philadelphia when it comes to the food on my plate.

For us, local numerically means 150 miles and not a step further. But, why is this so important? Local is more than a number for us. Local means supporting small farms and independent retailers while keeping the local economy strong.

We carry a bunch of local products in store. Most of our produce (especially now, during the summer!) is local – just ask Ed, our produce manager, or check out his buying philosophy. Meat & seafood are also big local departments in our Co-op. Look for the Co-op certified sign or just ask one of our employees! Also, keep your eyes peeled for the signs pictured below throughout the store – this will ensure that you’re buying a local product.

Eat local, Buy local, Love local.


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