Revolving Door

Like many communities, Swarthmore is composed of families of all shapes and sizes. Some just moved into the neighborhood, others are filled with bustling children and teenagers, and then there are those who are ready to grow old together. As an anchor of the Swarthmore community, many of these families come to us for healthy food, lunch with friends, a meeting spot, and oftentimes employment.

Some find us through the grapevine while others find us by accident. Regardless, when hiring employees, we look for someone who is committed to (or committed to learning about) the local and sustainable movements and has a strong work ethic. We love when these relationships last for years but we understand that sometimes the arrangement is only temporary.

For many, the Swarthmore Co-op is a stepping-stone, especially for our younger employees. Cashiers are often working and studying their way through high school or college, while maintaining a part time job. For example, Jordan (Elon), Madi (Colgate), Mayra (Penn State) Tanya (NYU Law), and Brittany (Penn State) recently left to focus on their studies at college. Other employees, like Cecilie and Ryan, turned to the Swarthmore Co-op for our values, but left to fulfill their dreams, in their case working on a farm. Some, like Megan and Lori, left to start a new chapter in their lives, working at their first full time jobs.

While we love to hold on to our employees for as long as possible, we also love to see them grow into something great, whether this happens internally or at another job.


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