It Starts On A Farm: Part 2

Registered Holstein cows supply the National Quality Award Winning Milk – which is processed, packaged and sold on the premises, along with buttermilk, heavy cream, and half & half.  Merrymead cows are fed a balanced diet of grass, hay, corn, and soybeans. They are pastured in the spring, summer, and fall seasons. The cows are not injected with the rBST hormone and are antibiotic free. They are housed in a free stall barn where they are free to roam.

Do you want to see where your milk comes from? The farm and farm market are open to visitors year round. You can observe our cows being milked daily from 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The Merrymead tour guide will introduce you to thier cows and a variety of other farm animals. You will see how the cows are milked, what they eat, and where they sleep at night. Learn what kinds of food you enjoy on a daily basis because of milk. From your seat on their tour wagon, you will see fields and pastures where food is grown and cows graze, along with the farm’s tractors and other machinery. The tour concludes with an award winning ice cream cone and a souvenir to take home.

It’s this level of openness, honesty and transparency that we have found to be lacking in many dairy producers in the region and especially throughout the United States.  Merrymead is one of a select few milk producers that grows feed for their cows on the farm, allows the cows to roam freely, controls feeding times (cows are not milked for four hours after feeding to ensure that the taste of their milk is not altered by what they ate), milks, processes and distributes all by their own devices.  Most farms in the nation will purchase feed and attempt to produce the maximum amount of milk possible with the sole objective of meeting a specific quota for the larger distributer to which they are contracted.  Merrymead’s milk is produces based on quality, not volume.

read more about Merrymead in The Insider


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