DIY Wine Cork Board

We have channeled our inner DIY crafter to upcycle some of the wine corks we have been collecting. These boards are currently holding important information about the Co-op so our employees are currently well versed on what is going on inside the store. Below is how we tackled the project.


What You Need:

wine corks


razor blade or short, sharp knife

contact cement or a hot glue gun

paint brush (if you’re using contact cement)


Step One: Gather corks

Save every wine cork! I can’t stress this enough. It took us about 9 months to gather the appropriate amount of corks to create our corkboards. Ask family & friends to save them for you too. To save time, ‘double’ the amount of corks you have by cutting them in half vertically with a razor blade or sharp knife (be very careful, as older corks are quite hard to cut).

Step Two: Coat the plywood

If you are choosing to use contact cement or another strong, goopy glue, we found that pre-painting the plywood first helps the corks stick. Paint evenly and let dry for 24 hours.

Step Three: Create a pattern

Before you hit the ground running, lay down a sample pattern. By doing this you are able to tell how the corks will fit on the plywood and also if you like the design.

Step Four: Glue & place

Coat the plywood and place corks (flat side down) as quickly as you can. Working in small sections helps avoid mistakes. If you run into a bind, be creative! Cut corks into smaller pieces or use champagne or beer corks in odd corners. If you are using a glue gun, coat the back of the cork with hot glue & quickly place.

Step Five: Set aside & wait

After your corks have been placed, wait 24 hours to assure the glue is completely dry. Placing heavy books on the corkboards help keep corks firmly in place.

*Once the board is dry, you may want to paint a thin layer of Mod Podge if the corks still seem loose, however, we were fine without it*



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