Let’s Talk Stocking Stuffers

Often ignored, gifting stocking stuffers can be a great way to save a little money without missing anyone on your holiday list. This year at the Co-op we have a number of stocking stuffers that are perfect for family and friends of all ages. While shopping for your groceries, take a look at what we have and you’ll have your holiday shopping done in no time!


French Farm Specialty Products

Great for: Foodies, cooks, new neighbors

Price: $6.99 – $16.99

New to the Co-op are French Farm specialty products, including Herbs de Provence, fondue, honey, and salted caramels. All of these products come in unique packaging, making them gifts within themselves. Herbs De Provence

DIY Kits

Great for: Beer snobs, Pinterest fiends, kids

Price: $17.99 – $34.99

Our DIY beer, cheese, and butter kits make great gifts for those ‘cool’ people on your list. You know, those that are a tad picky. The DIY kits are relatively easy making them great for families with kids.

decomposition booksDecomposition Notebooks

Great for: Students, writers, eco savvy

Price: $3.49 – $5.99

Probably some of the hippest notebooks around town, our Decomposition Notebooks are made from 100% post consumer waste recycled materials and printed with soy ink. Notebooks come in various sizes and patterns.

Andes Gifts

Great for: Kids, fair trade advocates

Price: $14.99 – $25.99

Andes Gifts is a line of winter wear and accessories made by Aymara and Quechua women. This company prides itself on its fair trade practices and anti-sweatshop mentality. We carry scarves, hats, gloves in adult and kid sizes. Andes Gifts

Reusable K Cups

Great for: Coffee lovers, eco savvy

Price: $9.99

Our reusable K cups offer an alternative to the one-use K cups many other brands offer. Pair our reusable K cups with a pound of Burlap & Bean or One Village and you’ll be sure to satisfy the coffee lovers on your list.

Co-op Swag

Great for: Locavores, Co-op lovers

Price: $9.99 – $15.00

You can never go wrong with Co-op merchandise. We carry a number of shirts (child, youth, and adult sizes), reusable bags, and even water bottles.




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