DIY Peppermint Scrub

written by Sara Yoo, operations manager


With only 6 more days left until Christmas, it’s beginning to be that time when you remember you forgot to get a gift for your niece, brother-in-law, coworker, etc. With only one weekend left, avoid the chaos and channel your inner crafty self!

These peppermint scrubs are great for anyone on your list and are easy to make in less than a half hour. Scrubs can be used in the kitchen or bathroom as a hand scrub or in the shower as a body scrub.



3 cups granulated sugar

1/3 cup oil (olive, coconut, and almond work great)

5-10 drops of peppermint extract

3 crushed candy canes



Mix all ingredients in a large bowl. This recipe makes about 3, 8 oz. jars. I used the quilted jelly jars we sell at the Co-op, but any standard jelly jar will do the job. Fill each jar to the top. Top each jar with a cupcake wrapper, ribbon, and a candy cane.


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