The Best of 2013

As 2013 comes to an end, we mark the 76th year that we have been owned and operated by our members. We’ve accomplished everything from surviving the Great Depression to building a new store and reviving the community. This year has brought just as much excitement as the last and we all deserve a pat on the back. Take a look below to see our top highlights of 2013.
Added over 300 members 
After exceeding our goal in 2012 of 115 members, we set our membership goal for 132 new members in 2013. Probably our biggest accomplishment this year was dramatically exceeding this goal by adding 300 new members. We welcome all of you to our community and encourage everyone else to do the same.
Introduced $5 member equity payments
Joining the Co-op is now easier than ever. New members can now sign up for membership for as low as $5 a month – it’s that simple.
Created new member benefits
Along with our the new equity payments, members now have more benefits, including, the frequent buyers program, early bird special, and 10% off vitamins. To see a full list of member benefits, click here.
Spoiler alert: Look for additional frequent buyer rewards in 2014.
Created the Sprouts program
Sprouts is an educational program exclusive to kids. Becoming a Co-op Sprout is free  and open to all kids under 12 years of age. Upon signing up, Sprouts will receive a free piece of fruit and a booklet. Sprouts are encouraged to shop with their parents and guardians and will receive a sticker or stamp for each visit. Stickers and stamps can be redeemed at our cashier stations for special prizes.
Spoiler alert: Look for exclusive Sprouts education classes in 2014.
Food Truckathon
Hosted TWO Food Truckathons
2013 brought us two of the best events of all time – Food Truckathon 2 & 3. With over 8,000 guests, the Food Truckathon has become a commitment between the Swarthmore Borough and the Co-op to promote healthy eating and community engagement.
Spoiler alert: Look for a bigger, badder Food Truckathon in early 2014 (and shorter lines & more room!)
Created the Back to Basics program
After attending the CCMA conference in Austin this year, we developed a Back to Basics program that controls food prices on healthy, nutritious food staples. Some of the Back to Basics products include bulk pasta, eggs, Co-op Certified chicken breast, and more. Look for the Back to Basics logo in store or online to find a full list of products.
Spoiler alert: Look for more Back to Basics products in 2014. Back to Basics
Launched The Insider
The Insider originally started as a form of communication between Co-op employees. Now, The Insider is an extension of our brand and focuses on global and local environmental issues and topics. Read it online or pick up a copy for free in store. If you would like to contribute content, please contact Hillary,
Added Bulk Spices
Gone away with conventional McCormick spices, we now carry Frontier Organic bulk spices. We carry a wide variety of herbs, teas, salts, and spices. Take a pinch or take a pound, either way you’ll be saving money and packaging waste.
Hosted over 30 events
Ranging from our first home brew competition to First Friday Quizzo, we’ve hosted a bunch of events this year. Some are even making their second or third appearance in 2014.
Spoiler alert: Look for Beer & Cheese 3 and the second annual homebrew competition in 2014.
Became a CSA drop spot
In 2013, we extended our partnership with Greener Partners and became a drop spot for their organic CSA shares. Many of our members, customers, and employees took advantage of this opportunity. Sign up for our 2014 CSA with the Happy Valley Berry Farm. Like Greener Partners, the Happy Valley Berry Farm practices organic farming techniques and will be available for pickup every Friday at the Co-op. Learn more here.
Instagram FlowerCreated the Cow-op program
In order to strengthen our connection with the Swartzentruber family, we developed a grass-fed beef buying club, also known as the Cow-op Club. While we are sold out of shares for 2013, look for this opportunity in the spring (we also periodically have grass-fed beef available at the Co-op).
Created an Instagram account
It’s pretty sweet, you should follow us.

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