5 Steps To A Warmer Home

The Polar Vortex doesn’t seem to be leaving the area any time soon. Keep warm with these simple solutions.


Seal doors and windows

This DIY project should be one of the first steps taken to prep your home for the winter months. Many of the supplies can be bought at a local home improvement store. First, find the leaks by holding a candle flame up to the windows and doors – if it flickers, the window or door should be sealed. Decide if you want to use caulk or weather-stripping – both are affordable and easy, even for the most inexperienced DIY-er. Apply the caulk and weather-stripping as needed and remove during the warmer months.

Turn on the ceiling fan

Yes, turning on the ceiling fan can help keep you warmer. Unlike the summer, make sure the blades are rotating clockwise to push the rising heat down. Keep the fan on low for a warmer room. This can help you save up to 15% in heating costs!

Use the oven

Break out the butter! Winter is baking season, and not just because of the holidays. Use your oven to heat up your kitchen while you cook. Generally, you want avoid cooking things that let off steam as steam tends to make your house feel damp.

Adjust the temperature

Don’t waste energy while you’re not home. Adjust the temperature depending on your schedule so the house stays cool while you’re not home and warm when you are home. With an extra set of blankets on the bed you can even decrease the temperature while you’re asleep. Most thermostats with smart technology are programmable to adjust temperatures automatically.

Throw down the throw rugs

Nothing feels better than a furry, warm rug underneath your toes. Find accent throw rugs that spruce up a room, especially those with tile and hardwood. Keep throw rugs year round or store in the closet, attic, or basement during the warmer months.


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