Recycling 2.0

written by Maria Contino, customer service associate


The first quarter of this year brought the Co-op a revamped recycling program as well as a (plastic) bag-less Co-op. In the upcoming quarter, we are strengthening our commitment to sustainability by introducing composting bins on the sales floor. Composting decreases our carbon footprint by recycling organic matter into fertilizer and soil.

Currently, we compost spoiled produce and produce scraps in the produce department. Expect to see compost bins at the end of the month with a list of compostable items, such as apple cores, coffee grinds, tea bags, etc. For more information on composting, visit

As we continue to strengthen our existing relationships with those such as Kitchen Harvest, we’ve also begun a new relationship with Magnum Recycling in order to make e-waste recycling a reality in this community. Beginning in May, members, customers, and residents are encouraged to recycle e-waste in the designated storage trailer behind the Co-op. The service is free to all users and the storage trailer will be open during the operational hours of the Co-op, 8 AM – 8 PM, Monday – Saturday and 8 AM – 7 PM on Sundays.

Magnum Recycling accepts most e-waste, including audio equipment, car batteries, cell phones, laptops, printers, and more*. Before recycling e-waste, check the full list of recyclable items at

Magnum reminds us,

“It is extremely important to use a responsible, certified recycler. E-waste recyclers must comply with all environmental, health, and safety legal requirements, both domestically and internationally. Certified recyclers promote reuse and recovery of used electronics equipment, as well as data destruction, data security, along with worker safety, and environmental protection.”

*Keep in mind Magnum cannot accept smashed televisions or monitors, smoke detectors, and thermostats containing mercury switches. In order to recycle cannibalized TV’s and monitors, contact Magnum Recycling directly.



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