Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

written by Hillary Wickline, marketing coordinator


When we think about keeping our bodies healthy, we often think about what we put in our bodies. But ACURE Organics proves that what we put on our bodies is just as important.

Jon and Kristy Guerra founded ACURE as a way to provide a healthier personal care resource free from toxic exposure in honor of her grandmother’s decade-long struggle with cancer. Unlike many conventional health and beauty products, ACURE is free of common toxins, including parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives, and artificial colors.

Acure Argan Oil
Because our bodies are unable to metabolize these chemicals, the toxins are often stored in fatty tissue and inevitably contribute to systemic toxicity over time. “The kicker is that they have no real benefit to the skin or hair. They are simply an inexpensive means to achieve a specific effect, i.e. synthetic preservation, foaming lather, silky coating on the skin, slip, certain aromatic effect or color, etc.,” says Amy Halman, President+Formulator. Not only are these ingredients toxic to human health, but they pollute the environment, directly affecting our drinking water and soil.

Acure OrganicACURE is sustainable to the core and operates as a triple bottom line business. “The beauty industry is completely unregulated so, in our opinion, it becomes crucial that we be as responsible as possible in manufacturing and commit to full disclosure on our ingredient labels,” says Halman. She continues, “[ACURE] works very hard to educate the consumer to make smarter, healthier choices so that they know they don’t have to sacrifice their health for the sake of beauty.”

ACURE is a full line of body care and skin care products made from all-natural, fair trade, and organic ingredients. To learn more visit



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