The Power of Solar

written by Hillary Wickline, Marketing Manager

Founded in 2008, Solar States, a Philadelphia based solar installer, is one of the leaders in the renewable energy industry. “Since [the Philadelphia area] is not well-suited to harvest wind or hydroelectric energy, solar power is our best bet as there are plenty of rooftops to put solar on,” says Ashley Tryba of Solar States.

Solar Panels

Currently, the Philadelphia area receives only 0.11% of electricity from rooftop solar. Solar States is determined to change this statistic by partnering with the Energy Co-op, the only independently-owned, local, nonprofit energy supplier. Homeowners and renters can become a part of the Solar Leader program by switching from PECO to the Energy Co-op, which supports local, renewable energy, such as solar power.   

Tryba explains how solar power can make an economic impact immediately upon commitment. “Homeowners who buy solar upfront get a return on investment better than the historical return on the stock market. Solar can also be financed with no upfront costs – the monthly payment for solar is actually less than the often avoided monthly payment to PECO.”

While installing more solar is important to Solar States, the company operates as a triple bottom line business, placing a value on both communities and the environment. “[Local] solar creates local jobs that have an indirect impact of contributing more money to the local economy. For example,” Tryba continues, “the more local installers we have in Philadelphia, the more money solar housetheir families can spend on local food.” Solar States, located in the Olde Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, has also created a program aimed at educating students in the classroom as well as on site installing solar panels. “Youth Build allows students who have dropped out of high school to earn the degree while planning for a future in college or a trade school.”

Overall, Solar States’ ambition is simple – “The more solar we install, the more the Philadelphia area improves its air, creates local green jobs, and reduces its carbon footprint.”

Solar States develops, finances, and operates solar arrays on commercial, school, and residential rooftops. Solar States is a member of the Swarthmore Co-op’s Membership Loyalty Program and offers all members 10% off solar installation.


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