Truckathon Goes (More) Green

written by Hillary Wickline


This seasons’ Truckathon is taking it up a notch. In addition to vetting food trucks on their commitment to sustainability, the Co-op has partnered with The Energy Co-op and Solar States to promote local, renewable energy.

Truckathon 2013

The Solar Leader program is the newest product offered by The Energy Co-op and Solar States, a solar installation company (and Membership Loyalty Partner!). The Solar Leader program offsets 5% of your energy usage by a new power generation that will be installed in the area. It’s a great product for anyone who wants to see more solar power in Philly but isn’t ready to invest in their own system. The Solar Leader product is affordable, accessible, and connects our members to solar power in a way that isn’t currently available in the PECO territory.

By increasing the amount of solar power in our grid, we have less of a need to draw on traditional polluting electricity sources such as coal and gas. And what’s better for our environment is better for our communities. According to the EPA, if we meet our goal of installing 50 new solar arrays in the Philadelphia area, we could annually avoid emissions equivalent to:
185,089 pounds of coal burned
4,507 incandescent lamps switched to CFLs
410,280 miles driven by passenger vehicle

What’s in it for you? Well you support local, renewable energy by taking your first step to help relieve our dependence on fossil fuels. But, The Energy Co-op and Solar States are also throwing in a $20 Truckathon meal ticket to anyone that signs up with the Solar Leader program!

To sign up, visit and your meal tickets will be waiting for you at Truckathon!


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