How to Join …

It’s easier than ever to join the Co-op.  You can join online or in-store during your next trip.  We have several payment plans for your $300.00 investment and you can pay by cash or credit for as low as $5 per month.  A household-wide, life-time long membership for just a one time fee!

Benefits of Membership

• Early Bird Special

Members get 5% off everything Monday through Friday from 8am-10am.

• Co-op Vitamins Discount

Members get 10% off Co-op Brand Nutrients and Vitamins, all day, every day.

• Frequent Buyer Program

Earn discounts and rewards buy buying some of your favorite products at the Co-op.

• Business Partnership Discounts

• Member Appreciation Days

You will receive 10% off all purchases on Member Appreciation Days, which are held quarterly.

• 10 for 30 Member Specials

Each month, the Co-op has a themed member-only special, offering ten items to members at a discounted rate.

• Member Events & Classes

The Co-op brings together members and friends of the Co-op with regular events, classes and trips. Offered at a special rate to members.

• Special Orders Buying Club

You can special order large quantities and bulk items at discounted prices.

• Home Delivery on Tuesdays and Thursdays

$7 delivery charge

• Prepaid Personal House Account

$250 minimum deposit

• Voting privileges in Board elections and participation in Co-op governances

• Eligibility to Serve on the Board

• Shareholder of the Co-op

Having a vested interest in a local, sustainable business and supporting the local economy

• Patronage Rebate

If earnings are sufficient in a fiscal year, you will receive a patronage dividend based upon individual or household purchases.

Beyond what Members get, however, the Swarthmore Co-op also focuses on what Members GIVE by owning part of the Co-op:

• Local farmers the ability to make a living and provide real, fresh, better tasting food of which you are the benefactor

• The earth a better chance

• Employment opportunities to over 40 local people

• A partnership in promoting food safety

• The Co-op the ability to have outreach programs for the community

• Support to your local economy

• The Co-op the chance to act as a community hub for events and classes

• The creation of community

• Other local businesses the opportunity to use the co-op as a boost to their business through purchasing and partnership



If you have any questions concerning membership, please contact


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