Eat Like Royalty

With all of the hullabaloo over the royal baby, it’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement. In the need to get a little royal ourselves, we’re royal-fying (it’s a thing) our diets As the world awaits the arrival of royal baby Poppy, Phillip, James, Arthur, etc., follow this guide on how to eat like the Royal Family and you too will be on the road to royalty in no time!


Step 1: Rid your pantry and freezers of processed foods

I bet the Royal Family doesn’t come within 50 feet of processed foods. And we all know the royal baby will be fed only the finest starting with his or her first bite. Start by throwing out all your frozen TV dinners and canned soups. On your next shopping trip, avoid the frozen all together (unless of course you are shopping for the most exquisite of ice creams). When it comes to processed foods, remember, the longer the shelf life, the more preservatives it has. Only the fresh stuff people!


Step 2: Raid the tea aisle

You can’t be considered English royalty until you start drinking tea around the clock. Buy some loose leaf English breakfast tea and pair it with a locally baked, light biscuit or cookie. All this tea will ensure you stay awake to read the first tweet announcing the birth of the royal baby.


Step 3: Set an elaborate table

Don’t cheat yourself, you’re worth all the decorative napkins and table cloths, porcelain plates, and silverware. While all this seems fancy (which it is!!), it’s also more sustainable than the plastic stuff. Use what you have on a daily basis. You’ll be sure to save money & the environment while looking like royalty.


Step 4: Hire a personal chef

… or close to it. Just like all your elaborate table settings, you’re worth having someone do the cooking for you. Visit our prepared foods section – we have a plethora of fresh meat & seafood dishes, vibrant salads, and carefully crafted household staples. Instead of spending your time slaving over the stove, put on a swanky dress, pull up those white satin gloves we know you have, and leave everything else to us!


Step 5: Pinkies up



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